About Us

We haven’t met a classic car that we didn’t like. That doesn’t mean we buy every one that we see, either.

We’re always on the look-out for classic cars; from originals where the numbers all match to restomods and every restoration grade in between. Since every classic car we have for sale has been owned by someone else, we often hire third parties to make sure we know what the car is and what it is not. That way we know what we are getting and expect that you would want the same.

Classic Rewind Motor Company was born from the belief that information about a car should be honest and forthright—and knowing that unfortunately-- that is not always the case.

So, while we’ll never be the highest volume or flashiest classic car company, we will always be straightforward and honest. No matter which dream car is yours, when you buy from Classic Rewind Motor Company you’ll know exactly what you are getting. We’ll stand behind each sale because our integrity is as important to us as the types of cars that we drive!

If your passion is owning and driving the car of your dreams, then drive with us!

We've built our reputation on selling world-class cars honestly and fairly.