Classic Rewind Motor Company Relies on Expert Auto Appraisals

There are many reasons to have an appraisal, however the most important reason is to completely understand a car’s fair market value. A carefully documented appraisal of a classic car’s specifics, correctness, photos, and documentation of parts and labor are key to the true value of the car. Any restorer or owner knows that the difference in an 85-point car and a 95-point car isn’t always obvious to an untrained eye. However, the difference in the cost of restoration between those two examples can be thousands of dollars.

Whatever price range your dream car is in, you can rely on Classic Rewind Motor Company! We invite Chip Davis, one of the industry’s foremost appraisal authorities, to inspect and certify classic cars that we buy. Chip’s independent inspection provides the information we need to understand the true value of the car. We thought you’d like to know exactly what you are looking at too!

Look for the green check mark and you’ll know that car has been inspected and certified by Chip Davis.